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Millet industry chain concept stocks rose, blue think technology


Millet industry chain concept stocks rose, blue think technology

The annual flagship conference of millet will be held in Shenzhen in May 31st. The new products have been identified as millet 8, MIUI10 and millet Bracelet 3. The official hints that millet 8 will become the strongest millet camera phone, and MIX2s is the strongest camera phone at present, and its DxOMark score reaches 97 points. According to the revelations, millet 8 will also be the first Android to support 3D structured light, while supporting screen fingerprint recognition.

The first quarter of the domestic smart phone market shipments data is poor, the industry is in full inventory. Changjiang Securities (6.43 -3.02%) pointed out that with the release of Android flagship machine, sales of new machines in the two quarter are expected to drive the industry to be warmer, and a new round of supply chain is opened, and it is expected that consumer demand and supply chain enterprise performance will be improved. In addition, Android brand, especially OPPO/vivo, is expected to arrive at the end of this year and the first half of next year.

Changjiang Securities believes that consumer electronics should be at the bottom of the cycle and should focus on the three clues of cycle, innovation and consumption to reinventing investment logic.

Relevant beneficiary shares:

Pu Lu Tong (15.33 -4.37%, stock): millet provides supply chain management services.

Zhuo Yi Technology (8.82 suspension, diagnostic stocks): the Tianjin factory, which is responsible for millet mobile power supply, has been on the rise continuously.

FENDA Technology (9.06 -3.82%, stock): FENDA technology is producing a new soundbar for the millet foundry, with an annual output exceeding 700 thousand units. Confirmed by FENDA technology certification, the company is working with millet to develop a new soundbar. According to a close company insider, the order of millet to FENDA is 6-7 million per month, and is expected to be used in the new generation of millet TV in May this year.

Kai Run shares (42.42 -0.56%, diagnosis stock): with the depth of cooperation with millet, create intelligent travel Extreme brand “ 90 ” and joint venture to set up Shanghai run rice and Shanghai Shuo rice, through millet commercial city and other e-commerce channels to carry out their own brand “ 90 ” products sales.
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